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Here's the non-profits and foundations our team has chosen to support through donations and in-kind gifts

Merivis Foundation
The gift each veteran and military spouse gives to their country is something that needs to be recognized.  Merivis has a commitment to make sure that population can gain much-needed technology skills.  Their mentorship program for each cohort is focused on the full success of the members.  Volunteering a few days of teaching and making a donation – means a few more people gain the skills they need to move their career forward.  I’m so incredibly grateful for their gift of service, it’s the least I can do to give back to them. - Tani Long

Rotary Foundation
As a Rotarian, I am grateful that TP&F has supported Rotary Foundation. Rotary Foundation not only supports my local community but our global community. I joined Rotary to get involved in my local community and work on service projects that support the health and well-being of my community. I soon learn Rotary is more than my local community. I have worked on service projects in other countries. You can find Rotarian at work helping to end polio,  provide clean water, and numerous other service projects unique to your local community. -Tammy Taylor

Canadian Cancer Society
Having lost my sister to brain cancer (Glioblastoma), I know directly the toll this disease takes on the individual and their loved ones. Much work has been done to cure this disease, but much more remains to be done. -John Pearson

Canadian Alzheimer’s Society
So many of our seniors are afflicted with this horrible disease. It strips away everything from the individual; their history, their loved ones, and that innate thing that makes them who they are, their being - their soul. I can’t help but hope and believe that we will find a way to cure this insidious disease. -John Pearson

Beagle Freedom
I’m a beagle lover. Floppy ears to howls at the doorbell ringing are a part of my daily life! It hurts my heart when I hear about beagles being bred and raised in captivity simply for the use of laboratory testing. Beagle Freedom helps bring animals of all kinds out of that world and into a loving family home. –Tani Long

American Civil Liberties Union
Through work in all courts, including the Supreme Court, along with federal advocacy the American Civil Liberties Union works tirelessly to protect and advance all of our rights. My family is happy to continue to support this important work.- Sara Levine

The League of Women Voters Protecting and advancing voting rights is important to me and that is why I support the work of the League of Women Voters. I am grateful for their work before I was born to ensure my own right to vote, and for their ongoing advocacy of over 100 years to support our democracy by protecting voter’s rights. - Sara Levine

Gingers's Pet Rescue
If I had my way I would have a household full of dogs. All breeds, all shapes, sizes and ages. Ginger’s Pet Rescue in Seattle is a group I have supported for many years. They work hard locally and internationally to make sure every dog finds a forever home.

My newest family member, Ruby Tuesday, was brought all the way from Korea by one of Ginger’s dedicated volunteers. She has settled in brilliantly and is living her best doggy life! The work Ginger’s Pet Rescue does is precious and invaluable. -Shelly  Harbin Harris

Community Food Pantry of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown
We are happy to support our local food pantry and their consistent support of community members who deal with food scarcity. In addition to financial support, we volunteer our time and donate food throughout the year.-Sara Levine