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TP&F prides itself in having a team of exceptional consultants and trainers. The team consistently scores near perfect with almost 100% customer satisfaction scores when surveyed for project and course delivery.

Tani Long has a background in Sales Operations and began her Salesforce career in 2001/2002 time frame.  She was responsible for an implementation for 200+ users and then an upgrade implementation a year later to Enterprise.  Her accidental admin role sparked a career. She went on to work as an independent contractor consultant working for small and large organizations as an outsourced System Administrator, Implementation Consultant, Project Manager, and Educator.  Tani was recognized as one of the first contract-based Administrators in the US.  Tani worked on projects from implementation, training, and support perspectives.  She developed curriculum and delivered hundreds of in-person and virtual training sessions.  Tani formed her company TP&F Consultants, Inc. and has served as the President since its incorporation.  Tani volunteers her time to teach for non-profit organizations and also spends 1:1 time with former students when they need assistance with studying for certification.

Working with the Trailhead organization since 2011, she delivers all level of System Administrator, Sales/Service Cloud, Business User, Reporting, and Einstein Analytics.  Tani has worked several conferences through her tenure and is certified to proctor certification events.  Tani has mentored multiple team members through the rigorous certification process. Tani has a personal, structured, hands-on approach to ramping a new instructor.  Tani is a 3x Trailhead Ranger in addition to the certifications listed below.

Certifications:  Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant, Instructor 


John Pearson, with over twenty-five years of experience in the training industry, is the Senior Technical Consultant and Managing Director of Caliburn Corporation, a full-service organization committed to servicing the IT industry in the Ottawa, Ontario market. In this position, John has worked in a consultative role with both public and private sector clients, including: ISED Canada, HRDSC, Shared Services Canada, the Department of National Defense, the CRA, the Royal Canadian Mint, Navigation Canada, the RCMP, Microsoft, World University Services Canada, and the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre.

John has extensive experience working with and for some of the leading institutional education providers in Canada. He was a contributing member, as a courseware developer and subject matter expert, of the project and delivery teams that were responsible for developing the Microsoft Systems Support Specialist Programs for the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Algonquin College, and Carleton University. He was one of two contractors hired by Microsoft to deliver security threat analysis and resolution services to the Microsoft Partner network in Canada.

John continues to deliver first class training services, as evidenced by his 8.5/9 MTM evaluation average, for a number of North American corporate training providers, including: Global Knowledge, New Horizons, and Alliance Micro. His primary area of training include Salesforce and Microsoft technologies, but has extensive experience with UNIX and Linux as well.

Laura is a seasoned Salesforce professional with nearly 20 years of Salesforce product experience from several different perspectives: a two-time Salesforce customer, a former Salesforce employee, an implementation consultant and a Team Trailhead senior-level contract instructor.  Laura was one of the "First 500" certified administrators world-wide, and has attended all but one Dreamforce serving as a customer, employee or instructor presenter at many of the conferences over the years.
Laura's professional background originated in the Financial Services space with a focus on sales operations and analysis.  She was the VP of Commercial Sales Support for one of Salesforce's first financial services customers, where she led the CRM selection and implementation initiative for Salesforce.  She went on to become the CRM Director for the largest event management company in North America (a company that coincidentally produces Dreamforce!). 

In 2009, Laura left the Salesforce customer world to join Salesforce as an employee Success Manager.  She worked with companies in the southern region of the United States with a focus on post-implementation adoption, success and growth.  In 2014, Laura took her years of implementation and administration experience and joined the application instruction team at Salesforce.  Laura holds many Salesforce certifications, and she is certified to deliver a wide variety of courses for Salesforce’s Trailhead instructor-delivered courses.

Marie-Eve is a French-Canadian raised in Quebec and is fluent in French and English.  She has a passion for education.  Moving to the US in 2012, she joined the military serving as a healthcare specialist where she was blessed with helping pregnant women and their newborns.  After leaving the military, she had the chance to attend a Salesforce Administrator class via the Merivis Foundation, a non-profit specializing in helping military veterans and their spouses skill up and land highly sought after jobs in technology.  Marie achieved her administrator certification following that class.  She has worked with for-profit and non-profits in an administrative role leading them to achieve success with their implementation.  Marie is working toward her instructor certification to deliver Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud.  She looks forward to continuing to enhance her skills, certifications, and help her customers achieve the most out of their Salesforce implementations. Marie holds a degree in Communication Disorders with a focus on the deaf community.

Sara Levine has a background in education, program and project management and began her career in the Salesforce ecosystem as an “accidental admin” in 2014.  Since embarking on her consulting journey with Salesforce she has worked with for-profits and non-profits and has been a Team Trailhead contract instructor since 2017.  She consults, trains end users in both English and Spanish, administrators and marketers and holds seven certifications including: Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Platform App Builder, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Sales Could Consultant, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, and Salesforce Certified Instructor.

Sara is Trailhead Ranger with a Master of Arts in Teaching and looks for fun ways to teach technology and connect with her varying students and student groups, whether in-person or virtual.

Shelly has a passion for knowledge and believes all learning should include an element of fun. Shelly worked for the Edmonds School District in Elementary Education before joining Team Trailhead. She has been a part of the Salesforce eco system for ten years and holds nine Salesforce certifications: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Community Cloud Consultant, CPQ Specialist, Certified Salesforce Instructor and Certified Proctor.
Shelly delivers both public and private workshops for Salesforce. She is also experienced in End User Adoption Services and recently wrapped up a nine month project for a worldwide software company. Shelly assists several non-profits with System Administrator duties and donates time to training and certification prep.

Shelly has delivered at Dreamforce, Destination Success and Trailhead DX, and is two-time Instructor of the Quarter.

Tammy Taylor joined TP&F and became a certified Salesforce instructor after working as a solo admin in the CPG, market research, and technology space. Tammy has over 15 years working with c-level executives to develop and streamline processes, Sales and Marketing KPIs to drive sales.  She has been in the Salesforce eco-system for over six years and has managed multiple Salesforce orgs, implemented Salesforce CPQ and re-launched Pardot.  Tammy takes a cross-functional approach to improve processes, foster teamwork, and improve customer relationships. Tammy has a passion for helping others excel and leads System & Software Training in-person or virtual for administrator, consultants and end users. Tammy has delivered public and private workshops for Salesforce. She is also certified to proctor Salesforce certification exams.  Tammy currently holds seven Salesforce certifications: Administrator, Advance Administrator, Platform App Builder, Sales Consultant, Service Consultant, CPQ specialist, and Salesforce Instructor. 

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